Logo Thoughts [Political Edition]

Clinton/Kane logoTrump/Pence Logo
It’s interesting (in retrospect) to go back and look at what the logos for Clinton and Trump were saying about them as candidates. Both logos are colored in the traditional red and blue against white. Both use sans-serif fonts. But that is where the similarities end.

The Clinton/Kane logo feels more modern and doesn’t rely upon the typical “stars and stripes” tricks that most political logos rely on. The “H” includes and arrow pointing right suggesting forward momentum as it points to the two people who will provide that. It’s also notable that”Clinton” and “Kaine” are the same font size (suggesting they will be equal partners in governance of the country).

The Trump/Pence logo is very different in that it plays firmly with traditional political design elements. The five stars at the top suggest something military (a 5-Star General) or maybe is suggesting that Trump will be the best ever (a 5-Star President?). The logo also includes the “Make America Great Again!” slogan which says we need to look backwards to the past and not forward to the future. Again, names sizes are notable. “Trump” is twice the size of “Pence” which firmly states that Trump is in charge and that Pence is totally secondary.

So, there it is. Just some of my thoughts on the logos from this past (mind numbing) election cycle. If you have thoughts to share, click that “Leave a Comment” link.

[As a Side Note: I do wish whoever did the Clinton /Kaine logo had used better kerning between the “K” and “a.”]

Logo Thoughts [Political Edition]