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Man vs. Wild!

Man vs. Wild

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Camille’s “Snow White”

It's the year of Snow White, apparently  (what with two "re-imagined" major motion pictures opening). Thankfully, I can ignore those movies and put all my excitement into the new book which is illustrated by Camille Rose Garcia. She recently had a book signing and opening of "Snow White: The Complete Works on Paper" at the Michael Kohn Gallery. Her work for "Snow White" is absolutely stunning.

In conjunction with all this, Garcia has also released a series of four "Snow White" prints. If you really loved me, you would buy me "The Witch's Laboratory." C'mon ... you know you want to!!!

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Chinese Zodiac!

How cool are these Chinese Zodiac Mini Figures from Joe Ledbetter? Super Cool!!!

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Design Time: Tattoo Edition

Sherry is getting a tattoo and I helped her work it up. It's based off an illustration that she likes from a book (though I'll be damed if I can remember which one). So with a few additions/modifications, it's ready to be plastered on her foot for all eternity. "Get thee to Ye Ole Tattoo Parlor, Shortlegs!"

Rough Pencil Sketch

Finished Inked Version

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Second Best Birthday Present Ever!

Even though my birthday was last month, I received a late gift last night and it is freakin' awesome!!! I have a thing for propaganda iconography, and this book hits the spot.

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Post Studio Stroll (Self-Doubt Edition)

Franke, Susan and I hit the River Arts District Studio Stroll yesterday.

And .... I always feel conflicted after the stroll.

We go and we walk around  a lot of studios. We see some really cool art. We see some really overly commercial art. We also see some art that's just plain bad.

Then I get home and I am looking at the business cards and brochures for the artists who's stuff I like and I get depressed. Yeah, I get depressed.

I get depressed because 20 years ago I was drawing, painting and making stuff all the time. I don't do that anymore. It's maybe (and that's a big *maybe*) once every six months that grab a pencil and doodle something out. And yet, we spent the day yesterday seeing people that have studios and are doing it ... making art on a regular basis.

Could it be my job that keeps me from it? Does that funnel what creativity I have away from doing "art" on my own and into just doing "design" for work? Could it be that I have worked so long moving things around in InDesign and Illustrator that I just don't know how to get what I want out of a pencil or a brush.

I started a couple of art pieces earlier this year. They each got to a certain point and I just stopped working on them. They looked okay, but I felt like if I somehow managed to actually finish them they would probably suck. And if I ever did work up the nerve to show them to people they would be thinking all the same thoughts I have when I see that really bad art on the Studio Stroll.

Ultimately, what it probably boils down to is my utter terror of failure.

And I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that I should quit whining about my lack of initiative and fear of failure on the art front and just get off my duff and start doing it. And you'd be right.

Annual Studio Stroll Shadows: Chas., Franke and Susan

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New Art (Not By Me)

Yup. I bought another Susan Livengood painting. As you might have guessed ... I really dig her work. This is is somewhat different as she did it in acrylics rather than oils.

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