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Nah. Not really.

I was gonna go on about politics again ... but it's just so damn depressing. My head hurts every time I think about it. This piece of art sums up the way I feel about just what the "Republicans" are doing to this country.

Yup. They are fascists.

And what about me?

I was really tickled to discover that my birthday is gonna fall on a Friday this year. Plus, the last of The Series of Unfortunate Events books will be out that day as well. Fun!

The weekend is gonna be busy.
1. Four parties (yeah, you read that number right) to attend.
2. A staged reading of a movie script to participate in.
3. Final weekend of the show that Barbara and Preston are doing.

I am mainly planning on being at the show just so I can quietly lust after the fella whose playing guitar. He's cute.

On the way to Party #1 tonight I am gonna go shopping for a carrying case for the new camera ... 'cause my new camera deserves it! Plus, I am super paranoid about dropping it or smacking it against something and thus killing it. Hmmmm. Wonder why I have that fear? It's been kinda a busy week and I haven't had much of a chance to "play" with any of the features past the mere basics. So far I am really happy with the camera ... as long as I don't think about the impending credit card bill of dooooooooooom.


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  1. If you can wait a week or so, I’ll send you the case I got with my camera………..well padded and rrom for extra stuff. I got a backpack for all my stuff so that it is easier to carry everything, plus a little extra. I’d be happy to send you the old case. Let me know…………….

  2. Where did you find that “Nazi/Republican” image?? Funny, the words Nazi & Republican are starting to look so natural together………..

  3. Dude, get over the f***ing Republicans. The country has been through far worse times. You’re caught up in some sort of anti-Bush hysteria. It could be worse. Live your life.

  4. Ummm. I have been hysterically Anti-Republican since the late 80′s.

  5. Spike’s comment falls sqaurely under the category of: exactly what they want us all to do. And, how this fucking happened in the first place.

    We need to bitch and carry on to insure we have decent lives to live. Otherwise, we’ll get hijacked when we aren’t looking.

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