Such Excitement!

“What’s been happening?” you may ask. It was a pretty lazy weekend!

Hung out with Shortlegs and gossiped a little and talked about more adult things (jobs, home ownership, home buying). I think I miss my 20’s when it was not so “adult” more about where and when I was going to get drunk again.

PT and I walked around the lake instead of hiking as the weather was pretty gross. I dropped into Best Buy and picked up the Bob’s Burger’s Music Album on CD. I would love to have the deluxe vinyl edition but I can’t really justify spending that much money. Then I napped all afternoon and ordered cheap and sleazy Pizza Hunt for dinner. Viva la Cheap and Sleazy!

Did a little bit of work during the day and also binge watched the first season of Sense8. The show is pretty good and has a cast that is waaaaay too hot. Pictured below is that handsome German actor, Max Riemelt (shirtless, of course). He is in the show. Hubba!

Max Riemelt

And now another work week is underway …

Such Excitement!

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