Political Friday

I had not realized how much George W. Bush bashing I did until looking back over the archives.

Will there be Trump bashing? Maybe … and maybe not. He’s such an easy target because of the sheer amount of stupid things he says and does. Now he’s off on his first foreign trip and is set to give a speech about Islam in Saudi Arabia. Based on just about every speech he has ever given, you have to wonder … what could possibly go wrong? And then there is the “witch hunt.” He’s says, “No politician in history … has been treated worse or more unfairly.” Honestly, if Trump has done nothing wrong, he should just let them investigate and quit whining about it. He certainly “doth protest too much.” It would look a lot better if he didn’t always take the bait and act like a spoiled child.

Okay. Enough political ranting.

I will leave you for the weekend with this meme …

Political Friday

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