Low Country Weekend

The boyfriend has been on an internship in Charleston, SC for the past year. This past weekend was one of the few remain trips that I will make down to the low country before he moves back here to the mountains and starts his first post-doctoral job. Thankfully he has not (yet) insisted that I call him “Doctor.”

Charleston Weekend Highlights:
– Won an eBay auction while stuck in Columbia, SC traffic. Smartphones really are the best (and more on that eBay auction later)!
– Impromptu Friday Night Karaoke led to me singing “Call Me” (Blondie) and “Rock and Roll Band” (Boston). I won an inflatable guitar because the Boston song was deemed “air guitar” worthy.
– Saturday was a lazy day with lunch at Wasabi and a viewing of Alien: Covenant. The movie was about what I expected it to be (slightly lackluster but gorgeously filmed).
– I bought Goslings Black Seal Rum and Goslings Stormy Ginger Beer so I can make Dark ‘N Stormy drinks. Yum!
– Walked on the beach at Isle of Palms with David and Bowser (which was fun). I got four blisters for my feet (which was not fun).

Here’s me with a wet and sandy Bowser after the beach walk …
Chas. and Bowser

Low Country Weekend

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