Disappointed Excitement

Duran Duran Rio 2 CD Limited Edition
So … I was super excited to find a new/sealed copy of the out-of-print 2 CD limited edition of Duran Duran’s Rio. This version was released in 2009 and comes in a “canvas” textured hard case with a 52 booklet containing notes and lots of photos of the boys in their 80’s hotness.

But … I was not so super excited to discover that, somewhere along the line, a huge new UPC sticker had been put over the one printed on the back of the hard case. Needless to say, this sticker is STUCK on there with no hopes of removal. Yeah, I know it’s a first world problem … but it’s messes with my OCD and need for pristine packaging!

Sticker Fuckery!!!

Grrrrrr. [Insert lots of swear words here.]

Disappointed Excitement

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