Week Ended

And … the weekend is finally here. Sanity returns! Why is it that 4-day weeks always seem longer than 5-day weeks?

Not much happened over the Memorial Day weekend. The boyfriend was up for a visit and we got into a few things:
Lake Junaluska walk with PT.
– Went to Franklin to kick around.
– Drank beer at Lazy Hiker Brewing.
– Had dinner at Caffé Rel. Damn the food is good!
– Hung out with A&A and had lunch, coffee, and rode around the county.

Not much happened during the week. Just work, work, work … and the arrival of three Duran Duran packages. Adulthood is fun!

The boyfriend is visiting this again weekend and little does he know that he’s going have to watch House of Cards all day tomorrow and Sunday. *BINGE!*

Week Ended

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