Got Anxiety?

Slowly but surely things are kink-ing back out here. I am not waking up every day with that crippling feeling of doom. Thank goodness.

What been going on?
– Kier and Lisa’s Going Away Party
– Binge of House of Cards Season Five
– Lower Element on Oven Died (New One Ordered)
– Pizza
– Binge of Orange is the New Black Season Five
It Comes at Night (Awesome Movie!)
– Ice Cream
– A visit to Biltmore with Beth
– Blackberry Lemonade
– Three new freelance jobs (Work, Work, Work!)

The next big thing is I need to catch up watching Twin Peaks, Better Call Saul, and Orphan Black. Those three freelance jobs are going to keep me from that for a few days. Bummer.

Got Anxiety?

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