Alive [And Kicking?]

It sucks when life gets in the way of blogging. Ha, ha. Just kidding. This past week+ has been a little too busy and distracting.

The memorial service for Frances was this past Saturday. It was not quite as upsetting as I was expecting it to be and I suspect that is because there had been some time already to process her loss.

Sunday I went to Biltmore to re-center (it’s a happy place for me), but I ended up in a funk about how pointless and futile life can be. Fun, huh?

The rest of the week has been distracting to the Nth degree. Caught up with Charlie C. on Monday. Went and saw Dunkirk with Jack on Tuesday and it was not as good as I hoped it would be. Hung out with Kiki on Wednesday. And all the while I have been rearranging and packing parts of the house on top of working on the theater’s season brochure for next year.

And … now here I am at the MOVING WEEKEND. David (the boyfriend) has finished his internship. So, he and all his belongings are traveling here from Charleston, SC on Sunday. So, that tells you what kind of fun I am into this weekend … lifting heavy things and getting super sweaty. Fun times, indeed.

Alive [And Kicking?]

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