Surviving It …

And here comes another weekly update. I am seriously trying to get on some regular schedule here … but, you know … life, work, blah, blah, blah.

David is all moved in. I went down to Charleston the last weekend of July and we loaded his stuff in a U-Haul trailer and got him here. Many thanks to Dad for the loaner of his truck to pull said trailer. The packing and moving went fairly easily but the apartment next door decided to break a pipe and flood not only their apartment but a good part of David’s as well. That is what we woke up to on Saturday morning. So our leisurely morning of finishing up the packing before picking up the trailer became a scramble to rid the apartment of the flood waters. I felt bad for the folks next door. They spent the day moving all their furniture out so a remediation team could get in and get to work. I am not sure where they ended up as the clean up was going to take a few days. David’s place also ended up with big noisy fans and a dehumidifier. It made trying to sleep on Saturday night fun … well, that and Drunk Germans at 3:00 am. I am going to miss Charleston. It’s a pretty sweet place.

Last Monday (July 31), I got to cross an artist off my bucket list. DJ Shadow played The Orange Peel and I was there in the front row.
DJ Shadow at The Orange Peel

Shadow put on one hell of a show. We were super appreciative and he thought we were pretty cool too.
DJ Shadow

David left on Tuesday to go to D.C. for the week, so I spent time organizing some of my shit. Kiki and I went out on Tuesday night and checked out Mad Anthony’s Taproom & Restaurant’s new location. It will be a pretty cool space when they get rid of that harsh fluorescent lighting.

The house has come together pretty quickly considering a lot of extra stuff got moved in a little over a week ago. David has kicked ass in getting things organized and settled since he got back from D.C. Yay!

Still working at getting the theater’s season brochure done. I hate designing this damn thing. It’s a brain drainer for sure.

And in movie news, We saw The Dark Tower this past weekend. Here is my two word review: “Skip it!”

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Surviving It …

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