Friday Randomness

Obsession (Not by Calvin Klein):
I am in full on obsession mode about an iPhone 8. The simple solution is to quit obsessing and go get one. That is where my brain kicks in with worrying about the extra cost per month, etc. You would think these decisions would be easier the older you get. But for me, it seems like these decisions just keep getting harder and harder.

Speaking of Getting Older:
It’s two weeks until my birthday wherein this Old Fart becomes even older and fart-ier. The fun this year is that I will get the rare Friday the 13th birthday. I am slowly pushing towards 50 which is a weird fact to me. Back in my 20’s, I never thought I would make it past 40. Go figure.

It seems like I have most of my extra design work is caught up. Yay! I have been working pretty much every day for the last few weeks on freelance stuff. The extra money is nice, but sometimes working 10-12 hour days (the regular eight plus freelance hours) can be a total drag. Tonight it is time to kick back with a beer and relax!

Weekend Plans:
The big excitement is going to be building some more DVD/Blu-ray shelves tomorrow (the addiction is real, people) with the help of the Retired Pilot. Then there will be pizza and binging some more Luke Cage. I am way behind on Netflix’s Marvel content.  Maybe there will be a hike on Sunday if PT and I can get our schedules worked out. Then on Sunday night I will be seeing Crystal Castles over at The Orange Peel. Hopefully it will be a good show.

And for No Reason:
Here’s a picture of Tab Hunter being all hot and Tab Hunter-y. Enjoy!

Tab Hunter

Friday Randomness

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