Eye Candy [Ragnarok Edition]

Thor/HemsworthWe saw Thor: Ragnarok this past weekend. On the whole it was pretty good with a fun story and some cool visuals. Some of the forced humor was pretty lame … I mean REALLY lame. I am not sure why some screen writers think that forced jokes are going to be funny. Oh well. Cate Blanchette made a really sweet villain. It was especially refreshing since her villain in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was so lame (I blame the writing on that one). Throw in a great supporting cast (Hiddleston, Elba, Urban, Ruffalo, Goldbum, Thompson) and you have probably the best Thor stand alone outing.

Plus … I really approve of Thor’s new (and fresh) hairdo. It’s so much better than those tired, long, golden locks.

And … the completely gratuitous “Thor looks for his shirt” scene was quite nice. I feel a little sad that Franke wasn’t around to see it. She was always partial to seeing some Shirtless Chris Hemsworth on the big screen.

Eye Candy [Ragnarok Edition]

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