Surviving It …

And here comes another weekly update. I am seriously trying to get on some regular schedule here … but, you know … life, work, blah, blah, blah.

David is all moved in. I went down to Charleston the last weekend of July and we loaded his stuff in a U-Haul trailer and got him here. Many thanks to Dad for the loaner of his truck to pull said trailer. The packing and moving went fairly easily but the apartment next door decided to break a pipe and flood not only their apartment but a good part of David’s as well. That is what we woke up to on Saturday morning. So our leisurely morning of finishing up the packing before picking up the trailer became a scramble to rid the apartment of the flood waters. I felt bad for the folks next door. They spent the day moving all their furniture out so a remediation team could get in and get to work. I am not sure where they ended up as the clean up was going to take a few days. David’s place also ended up with big noisy fans and a dehumidifier. It made trying to sleep on Saturday night fun … well, that and Drunk Germans at 3:00 am. I am going to miss Charleston. It’s a pretty sweet place.

Last Monday (July 31), I got to cross an artist off my bucket list. DJ Shadow played The Orange Peel and I was there in the front row.
DJ Shadow at The Orange Peel

Shadow put on one hell of a show. We were super appreciative and he thought we were pretty cool too.
DJ Shadow

David left on Tuesday to go to D.C. for the week, so I spent time organizing some of my shit. Kiki and I went out on Tuesday night and checked out Mad Anthony’s Taproom & Restaurant’s new location. It will be a pretty cool space when they get rid of that harsh fluorescent lighting.

The house has come together pretty quickly considering a lot of extra stuff got moved in a little over a week ago. David has kicked ass in getting things organized and settled since he got back from D.C. Yay!

Still working at getting the theater’s season brochure done. I hate designing this damn thing. It’s a brain drainer for sure.

And in movie news, We saw The Dark Tower this past weekend. Here is my two word review: “Skip it!”

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Surviving It …

Alive [And Kicking?]

It sucks when life gets in the way of blogging. Ha, ha. Just kidding. This past week+ has been a little too busy and distracting.

The memorial service for Frances was this past Saturday. It was not quite as upsetting as I was expecting it to be and I suspect that is because there had been some time already to process her loss.

Sunday I went to Biltmore to re-center (it’s a happy place for me), but I ended up in a funk about how pointless and futile life can be. Fun, huh?

The rest of the week has been distracting to the Nth degree. Caught up with Charlie C. on Monday. Went and saw Dunkirk with Jack on Tuesday and it was not as good as I hoped it would be. Hung out with Kiki on Wednesday. And all the while I have been rearranging and packing parts of the house on top of working on the theater’s season brochure for next year.

And … now here I am at the MOVING WEEKEND. David (the boyfriend) has finished his internship. So, he and all his belongings are traveling here from Charleston, SC on Sunday. So, that tells you what kind of fun I am into this weekend … lifting heavy things and getting super sweaty. Fun times, indeed.

Alive [And Kicking?]

Updating Update [M.I.A. Edition]

So, yeah. I have been missing in action the past week as my mood has been totally up and down with the passing of Franke. The memorial service is going to be next weekend (July 22) at the theater. I am not looking forward to it … but, then again, who does look forward to that kind of thing.

What’s been going on otherwise?
– Tripped to Charleston the weekend before the 4th of July. Had fun with food (the 450), movies (Baby Driver), beaching, and record shopping. I felt totally inadequate on the beach as all of David’s friends are young and in shape. I was a beached whale out there.
– We did the annual 4th of July festivities at Judy’s. Lots of cool folks were there and we had a great time. I didn’t get black-out drunk which is an improvement over last year.
– This past weekend I lazed around the house in a depressed stupor. I had plans to do some things but I just couldn’t get myself out of the house. Not good.
– This week has been freelance work, yard work, rearranging the storage shed (pitch and toss), and finding dead rats in the yard (not fun).

And here we are at the weekend again. Bee good out there!

Updating Update [M.I.A. Edition]

R.I.P. Frances Davis


Yesterday, Frances Davis (known in the pages of this blog as Franke) passed away after a short but intense battle with cancer. It’s only been a little over two months since we found out she had been diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma that had metastasized in her brain.

Needless to say, it’s been a rough week.

Frances started doing shows at the theater in 2004. We became fast friends after I cast her in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. We had lots of fun times in those first ten years. We pretty much hung out every weekend and saw lots of movies, went on art walks, attended lots of parties, and worked on a lot of shows at the theater.

Some Random Memories (Because There are Just Too Many):
– She would go to horror movies with me even though she didn’t like them all that much. Eventually, she refused to go to any more after seeing the remake of The Hills Have Eyes.
– She fell asleep during David Lynch’s INLAND EMPIRE and I had to wake her up because she was snoring so loudly the rest of the theater could hear it.
– She loved Pedro Almodóvar’s films.
– She hated Tori Amos’ music but loved Joni Mitchell.
– We went and saw Amiee Mann in concert.
– She scored us very hard to get tickets to a Laurie Anderson show at Diana Wortham.
– She had a knack for picking out really awesome birthday presents.
– We all barely survived her when she quit smoking in 2010. She was on the patch and became a raging bitch to be around for a few months.
– She got really mad at me when I pranked her about having to wear a wig for Floyd Collins.
– I am pretty sure she (and the rest of the cast) saw me naked when I stepped into that last performance of The Full Monty.

I could go on and on.

Our friendship faltered when I started dating David. I think it was jealously and insecurity on her part. I tried to make time for her as I have hated it when friends ditch me for their boyfriends/girlfriends. It didn’t seem to matter. I eventually got to the point where it was easier not to deal with it. The last show I worked on with her (Urinetown: The Musical in 2013), we ended up in a screaming match after a rehearsal because she was being bitchy and I just couldn’t take it any more. After that, I pretty much would only speak to her if I ran into her at the theater or another gathering. Again, it just seemed easier not to be stressed out about our friendship. I just let the friendship go.

And here we are, nearly two years later, and she’s gone.

I can’t help but feel a little guilty now about ditching her for the last two years. Maybe things would have gotten better with our friendship and maybe not. I’ll never know now .. and I feel bad that we missed going to the movies or on the Studio Stroll to enjoy the art.

Christy, Sherry, and I did get to see Frances right after her diagnosis. She seemed pretty upbeat and didn’t seemed overly bothered that life had thrown her this massive curve ball that she was going to strike out on. We’ve discussed whether she was really that calm about the how thing or just being willfully ignorant to the situation. Who knows.

What I do know is that I wish I could have seen her one last time before she went into hospice care. Life is short and we need to appreciate the friendships we have.

Frances Davis

R.I.P. Frances Davis

Blah, Blah, Blah

Ugh. I can’t seem to kick this feeling that something bad is going to happen. Anybody wanna trade brains or nervous systems with me?

Meanwhile … I went to Charleston to visit the boyfriend this past weekend. We kicked around but didn’t do too much. We did end up at Monster Music & Movies where I (finally) found a copy of the Pet Shop Boys album Please on vinyl. David had a bunch of his cohorts over on Saturday night for drinking and a viewing of Get Out. They are a fun group and I will miss some of them once the internship ends and everyone scatters across the country. On the drive home I finally finished the audio book to William L. Shirer‘s The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. It’s going to be weird not listening to World War II history while driving back and forth to Charleston.

And in I am Buying too Many Records News: I couldn’t resist ordering the Super Deluxe Edition of Royal Blood’s How Did We Get So Dark?. I am such a sucker for deluxe packaging and limited edition goodies! Now if USPS will just get the damn thing here quickly. I have no patience when it comes to waiting for packages to arrive.

How Did We Get So Dark? Super Deluxe Edition

Blah, Blah, Blah

Catalogue Announced!

Pet Shop Boys finally announced the details on the Catalogue: 1985-2012 reissues. Super Deluxe Edition’s website also has a detailed article on what’s going to be included (and not included) on the initial releases. The first set (Nightlife, Release, and Fundamental) drops on July 28th with more (Yes and Elysium) coming later this year. Needless to say, the first sets has already been pre-ordered. They will also be remastering and re-releasing the first batch of “Furthering Listening” discs that came out in 2001 (Please, Actually, Introspective, Behaviour, Very, and Bilingual). There goes the double dip! It’s going to be an expensive year …

Catalogue Announced!